New Richmond Development Corporation LLC – Progress Point Updates

The following is an update from New Richmond Development Corporation LLC regarding the status of work at the Progress Point site.

Overall Update

Progress continues as planned at the site of the former Beckjord facility. Since our successful May 2020 implosion of a portion of the physical infrastructure at the property, we have continued to focus on the cleanup and remediation of the ponds and surrounding structures at the site. We remain in regular contact with regulatory officials to ensure we are following all state and local guidelines.

We anticipate demolition will be fully complete by January 2021 and we will be announcing a date for the implosion of the main building at the site this Fall. As we did with the partial implosion earlier this year, we will coordinate closely with local officials and emergency management to ensure residents are aware of the event and all safety protocols are followed.

Environmental Remediation

  • Groundwater Sampling: Quarterly groundwater sampling and analysis is ongoing, in accordance with Ohio EPA requirements. To date, no observations have exceeded the applicable standards.
  • Air Quality: Our team remains focused on ensuring minimal disruption to the community as we continue with the cleanup of the former Beckjord property.
    • We have followed EPA recommended best management practices to minimize any negative effect on air quality from the site and continue to monitor all activity at the site closely. Since we learned of questions earlier this summer from residents, we have been working with the Southwest Ohio Air Quality Agency (SOAQA) to implement additional measures to address any concerns regarding dust from the property. These measures include deploying additional watering trucks and misters and using additives to the water to enhance dust suppression. We are also deploying new perimeter dust monitors to guide our suppression measures and increasing weather monitoring to identify periods where dust generation are more likely.
    • Please note that we are not aware of any additional complaints since we began implementing these additional measures and we will continue to work closely with SOAQA and local officials to ensure there is minimal disruption to the surrounding community as we complete this important phase of the project.

Next Steps

We look forward to continuing to work closely with state and local officials as we progress at the site. We will continue to provide updates to residents and officials as we reach important milestones at the site, including continued momentum toward the ultimate sale and re-development of the site for the benefit of the community. In the meantime, we welcome your feedback. If you have any additional questions, please contact us.